ECOLOGICON - Circular Economy and Consulting

For our partners, ECOLOGICON is a think tank and external compliance as well as technology solutions department for circular economy & environmental projects in the private and public sector.

With Its roots established in 2012, ECOLOGICON is specialized on expert level in different waste sectors, such as WEEE, EPR-systems, plastics recycling, application of recycling technologies for solid waste management and compliance.  

Through operational and strategic consulting of treatment plants, waste management companies and collection and EPR-schemes in the public and private sector, from building organisations and operations on a strategic and operational level to waste downstream solutions and regulatory compliance, ECOLOGICON understands the needs of those stakeholders of the circular economy environment very well.

ECOLOGICON is a strong partner in terms of best practices technology identification and finding of solutions.

With long year experienced and specialized expertise for recycling technology application as well as through our strong connection to world-wide know German recycling machinery and plant builders, we do offer independent consulting after identification of the best practice solution for our partners – using the best technology and approach available in the market.

Our professional team and network of resource and waste management professionals delivers robust, ecological and economical solutions to government & public, private sector clients and development agencies.

Core activities of ECOLOGICON

Core sectors covered by ECOLOGICON

Core regions covered by ECOLOGICON

Besides of our valued customer base within Germany and Europe, ECOLOGICON works to date as well on local projects in China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia and West- and Northern Africa as well as South America.

ECOLOGICON is well experienced and strongly connected in the North American markets. 

Core partners of ECOLOGICON

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Mr. Florian Werthmann

I am founder & CEO of ECOLOGICON GmbH. As a thoroughbred entrepreneur, having started my activities in the waste and recycling sector in the early 2000s, I do work under the slogan „Circular Economy and Consulting“, as a service provider, consultant and entrepreneur in the sectors of WEEE, EPR schemes and systems, plastics recycling and application of recycling technologies.

Working on expert level in the WEEE / E-Scraps sector I am fostering circular economy projects with a focus on reuse or EPR – both for WEEE and packaging. Project development, evolvement & management, capacity building and market & sector analysis are just part of my vast portfolio.

Core sector bullets:

Founder & CEO
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Producer Compliance Schemes
WEEE / E-Scrap, Reuse & Repair
Reverse logistics
Plastics recycling
Legal assessment & Compliance
Business development Transboundary movement of waste
Project management
Lobby work & public projects
Brussels beat & Green Deal
Legislation and regulations
Federation work

Voluntary activities:

Member of the Board for Scraps / WEEE of the bvse – Bundesverband Entsorgung- und Sekundärrohstoffe e.V., Bonn Germany – one of the leading associations / federations for waste management and recycling companies in Germany with more than 900 member companies to be represented

Member of WEEE Working Group of EuRIC AISBL, Brussels and takes part in the creation of the positions of EuRIC, as “the Federation” of the European waste federations, towards the European Union and other official stake holders on EU level.

Founding Member of DGAW e.V. WEEE Working Group, Berlin.

Participates as active and dedicated member of the joint WEEE Working Group of the German federations BVSE/BDE/BDSV

Member in German REtech e.V. – German Recycling Technologies and Waste Management Partnership e.V. Berlin,

Languages: German, English


Mr. Peter Wohlfahrt ​

My „waste—treatment-passion“ started back in 2013 during my time as “Sales Director USA” for a German recycling plant manufacturer. Throughout these years I built up a strong network and gained deep knowledge on suppliers, technologies and procedural techniques to be able to plan and design complex recycling plants.
I do have high skills on networking, business – and research & development as well as high expertise on new groundbreaking technologies. One of my current beacon projects is the consulting of one of the world’s leading companies in the electronics sector on the achievement of their self-set, CSR recycling goals.

Core sector bullets:

MSW – household Waste
Industrial & Commercial Waste
Biogas – Digesting
Production left-overs
Aerosol & high hazardous waste
Shredder fractions
Organic & kitchen waste
Carbon fiber
Project management

Languages: German, English


Mr. Brijesh Patel ​

With 16+ years of experience in project management and product development in the trade and investment sector, I have facilitated various business cooperation’s between German and Indian companies specifically in the area of environmental, recycling and mobility sector. My strong competence is business and market development in Asian countries, especially in India.

I am combining a good mix of private, public and social sector experience having worked with start-up, multi-national, Indian business houses as well as government organizations. Circular economy and Recycling have been the major focus of my past 10 years of business activities.

Core sector bullets:

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Capacity Building & training
Central Asia
Development agencies
Business development
Market development
Solid Waste solutions
Project management

Voluntary activities:

He heads the working group India for the RETech German Partnership, where he overlooks all areas of cooperation on environmental framework, project development and market entry services for RETech members.

He is a member of Asia-Pacific Forum Berlin/ Asien-Pazifik-Forum Berlin e.V (APFB) and various other non-for profit organisations promoting cultural and international business.

Mr. Patel is also Honorary ambassador of the The German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP) where he supports German and India Start-ups to connect and develop new business models, products and services for the Indian and the German/European Market.

Languages: German, Indian, English


Mr Reinhold Werthmann

Before starting my work as consultant, I held the position of Director HR in international companies for more than 30 years in the chemical and metal industry and most recently at a textile manufacturer responsible for 10.000+ employees in numerous worldwide, mainly European and Asian locations.

My focus is on HR consulting, recruiting and talent identification as well as restructuring organizations,

Interim-management and training. I am strong in the motivation of teams and their leaders and the evolvement or redevelopment of team spirits.

Not having an operative circular economy or waste industry background, I do have the capability to analyse and capture pros and cons of existing and planned set ups and team structures from a neutralized “just HR and people business” perspective.

I am strong in finding the right organisational structures, motivating, teaming up the right talents and team members and leading them or their managers with my hands-on mentality to the agreed and targeted goals.

My many years of expertise in human resources and with people on eye-to-eye level, are the basis for goal-oriented solutions for companies, team members and talents.

Core sector bullets:

Human Resources
Team building
Sparing with management
Interim management
Temporary work solutions
Personnel planning
Personnel and team development

Voluntary activities:

He is member of the district board of the Bavarian Red Cross organisation, section Wuerzburg

Languages: German, English


Goldleite 9
97234 Reichenberg – Germany
phone +49 931 4523070