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Professional and well-founded research with ECOLOGICON

At ECOLOGICON, we actively participate in building a circular economy by collaborating with other companies, research and development institutes as well as universities to develop sustainable recycling solutions.

ECOLOGICON’s highly qualified employees are engaged in interdisciplinary research and consulting projects in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and economics.

Here, we contribute our experience, expertise and know-how in the areas of recycling and secondary raw materials management.

We are involved in different consortia, where we not only participate in projects, but from time to time we also take the leadershop role for various projects.

In doing so, we contribute our expertise in the business areas of

to support projects and the consortia.

This is often combined with our broad understanding of circular and waste management solutions, particularly in relation to take-back systems, best practice solutions for manual, semi-automated or fully automated treatment where appropriate, the development of business and economic viability plans and concepts, and a close look at project-specific and local conditions.

In this respect, one of our strengths is the creation and evaluation of the economic viability of concepts and projects in the target countries.


  • Evaluation and improvement of recycling processes and strategies
  • Feasibility studies and consideration of economic viability
  • Know-how and technology transfer
  • Recycling technologies and implementation

Participation in research and development projects is an important part of our portfolio and activities. Every year, our employees are involved in national and international projects as well as in the development of new projects.

Our results and findings are based on a scientifically sound methodology. In our work we pursue an application-oriented approachwhich is marked by practical orientation and concrete recommendations for actions. Our high-quality results are incorporated into the actions of society, politics and the economy and, thus, reinforce the added value.

We are always interested in the development of new consortial projects and project ideas and are available for your enquiries.


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In addition to the ongoing projects, ECOLOGICON is currently applying for various project fundings in its role as consortium leader in connection with

  • the (partially) automated detection of Electric-Vehicle (EV) batteries to derive a recycling strategy
  • AI-supported recognition of old electrical equipment at recycling centres and primary treatment facilities for database-supported identification of the reusability and/or pollutant content of the equipment.


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