Online marketplaces - legally compliant with ECOLOGICON

As an operator of electronic marketplaces, do you offer electrical or electronic products for sale on the market in Germany? Then you have obligations under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

Fulfillment service providers and operators of electronic marketplaces are defined as new players (Section 3 (11) a, b and c ElektroG). Operators of electronic marketplaces are obliged to check that manufacturers or authorized representatives of manufacturers have properly registered with the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (ear).

If a manufacturer is not registered or not properly registered, operators of electronic marketplaces may not allow the offering or provision of electrical or electronic equipment of this manufacturer.

ECOLOGICON facilitates compliance with your obligations under EU directives and national regulations (EPR – WEEE, batteries, packaging or textiles) through its comprehensive consulting services and expertise.

Our services for manufacturers/carriers in Europe are:

  • Consulting as well as commitment analysis
  • Registration with licensed take-back systems
  • Implementation of country-specific quantity reports
  • Take-back concepts

Operator of an electronic marketplace for the sale of

Support with services from ECOLOGICON

As an operator of an electronic marketplace, integrate our comprehensive knowledge of national legislation and we will support you in implementing your obligations, e.g. by taking over registrations, notifications as well as setting up take-back solutions for your products, taking into account your specific framework conditions.

We take the bureaucracy out of your hands so you can focus on what’s important: offering high-quality products and growing your business.

Partner & Cooperations

Our waste consulting service also provides support on the following topics: Preparation of collective waste disposal records (SNS), writing of waste accompanying documents, e.g. accompanying and transfer bills in the waste disposal record procedure. We also advise on the notification of international waste shipments (Basel Convention) on waste accompanying documents (Annex VII) and necessary contracts prior to the start of the shipment; as well as on the application for written notification procedures to the competent authority of dispatch to apply for a permit for transboundary shipment of waste prior to the start of the shipment. We also advise you on documentation in accordance with waste and hazardous goods legislation (IMDG, ADR, KrWG, AVV, etc.).

We guarantee our customers expertise in disposal safety by means of environmentally compatible, secure and verifiable disposal routes and the legally compliant use of state-of-the-art equipment.
We operate throughout Europe and are accordingly familiar with permits for waste transports in the EU member states.

ECOLOGICON facilitates compliance with your obligations under EU directives and national regulations (waste and dangerous goods legislation and freight transport regulations) through its comprehensive consulting services and expertise.

Support with services from ECOLOGICON

  • Environmental consulting and sustainability strategies
  • Product Compliance
  • Waste management (resource management)

Integrate legal compliance for your waste transportation/services into your business and get our sustainable environmental, product and waste consulting and expertise to help you implement your business models.

We take the bureaucratic burden off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on the essentials.


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