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With your company, do you distribute products that fall within the scope of producer responsibility laws? Are you placing products on the market for the first time on a commercial basis, distributing these products or reselling products on a commercial basis? Then you are affected and required to fulfill your obligations to avoid penalties and fines.

As a manufacturer according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act:

“any natural or legal person or partnership, regardless of the method of sale, including means of distance communication within the meaning of § 312c paragraph 2 of the Civil Code.

a) Electrical or electronic equipment

aa) manufactures under its name or trademark and offers within the scope of this Act, or

bb) has it designed or manufactured and offers it under its name or trademark within the scope of this Act,

b) offers or commercially resells electrical or electronic equipment of other manufacturers under their own name or trademark within the scope of this Act, provided that the offeror or reseller shall not be deemed to be the manufacturer if the name or trademark of the manufacturer appears on the equipment in accordance with letter a),

c) offers electrical or electronic equipment originating from another Member State of the European Union or from a third country on the market within the scope of this Act for the first time, or

(d) offers electrical or electronic equipment by means of distance communication directly to end users within the scope of this Act and is established in another Member State of the European Union or in a third country.”

The national transfers of the individual countries from the various European directives on extended producer responsibility (e.g. Directive 2006/66/EC on batteries and accumulators) oblige all manufacturers/distributors throughout Europe to dispose of products (e.g. waste batteries and accumulators) that have reached the end of their life cycle properly. This also includes waste electrical equipment with integrated batteries and accumulators. The same applies to the product areas of electrical appliances, packaging and textiles. The basis for this is the polluter pays principle.

ECOLOGICON facilitates compliance with your obligations under EU directives and national regulations (EPR – WEEE, batteries, packaging or textiles) through its comprehensive consulting services and expertise.

Our services for manufacturers/carriers in Europe are:

  • Consulting as well as commitment analysis
  • Registration with licensed take-back systems
  • Implementation of country-specific quantity reports
  • Take-back concepts

Manufacturer/marketer of

Support with services from ECOLOGICON

Integrate as a manufacturer / distributor our comprehensive knowledge of national legislation and we support you in the implementation of your obligations, e.g. by taking over registrations, notifications as well as the development of take-back solutions for your products, taking into account your specific framework conditions.

We take the bureaucratic burden off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

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