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As a consulting company, ECOLOGICON is involved in a variety of projects from the development phase to the implementation of ideas on resource efficiency and circular economy.
With many years of experience and in-depth expertise, ECOLOGICON is actively working to improve the circular economy worldwide.

ECOLOGICON provides support to customers from the private and the public sector worldwide in environmental consulting, product compliance, waste management and the implementation of environmental strategies. We pay special attention to electronic devices (WEEE), batteries & accumulators, textiles and packaging.

Our network partners


Bayerische Forschungsallianz GmbH is a cooperation between Universität Bayern e. V. and Hochschule Bayern e.V. . The two associations have joined forces to create a central interface for regional, national and, in particular, European research interests in the Bavarian university landscape.

bvse (German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal)

The bvse-Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V. is an association of around 1,000 medium-sized companies in the secondary raw materials, recycling and waste disposal industry. It is the industry association with the most members in Germany and Europe and is committed to the substitution of primary resources with secondary raw materials, among other things.

DGAW (German Association for Waste Management)

German association based in Berlin. The DGAW works independently of interests for its members and industry players and serves as a contact for poitics for issues on the circular economy.


The European Commission's department, known as the Directorate-General for International Partnerships (DG INTPA), is responsible for shaping the EU's international partnership and development policy. It was founded on January 1, 2015 and emerged from the European Cooperation Office (EuropeAid).

German RETech Partnership

German RETech Partnership is a network of German companies and institutions in the waste management and recycling industry. By transferring knowledge and exporting innovative technologies, RETech is involved, for example, in the development of waste management standards in developing and emerging countries.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been active worldwide for more than 50 years in various areas, such as economic development and employment promotion in the energy and environmental sectors, and the promotion of peace and security.

Hong Kong Waste Management Association

As a registered association, the Hong Kong Waste Management Association (HKWMA) is the leading organisation representing waste management and environmental industry professionals in Hong Kong. Members include government officials, consultants, contractors, and academica both locally and internationally.


The Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER) is the industry body that represents the electronic equipment (EEE) and waste electronic equipment (WEEE) sector. Members include producers of electronic and electrical equipment, compliance schemes, waste management companies, treatment facilities and recyclers. It is the forum for industry to work together with government and regulators on WEEE policy and implementation.

NILU- Stiftelsen Norsk institutt for luftforskning

NILU is an independent research institute dedicated to deepening knowledge of processes and impacts related to climate change, atmospheric composition, air quality and environmental toxins. Based on its research, NILU provides comprehensive services and products in the areas of analysis, monitoring and consulting.


PREVENT Waste Alliance is a platform for exchange and international cooperation. Organizations from the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions are working together to promote a circular economy. The members are active in working groups focusing on e-waste and batteries, for example.

ReUse e.V.

ReUse e.V. is an association that promotes the reuse of electronic products, the conservation of resources and sustainability. The approximately 30 members, consisting of companies and institutions as well as private individuals, are committed to the quality and reparability of IT products that are durable and easy to repair, with the aim of strongly influencing the opinion of consumers and producers towards the reuse of products.


The StEP initiative (Solving the E-Waste Problem) promotes research, analysis and dialogue in a global context between more than 35 members from industry, international organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions with the aim of developing solutions to the global e-waste problem. The StEP initiative aims to bring about a change in awareness. Thinking and acting with regard to the recycling, reuse and avoidance of electrical and electronic equipment should be ecologically, economically and ethically appropriate.

Umweltcluster Bayern (Cluster of Environmental Technologies Bavaria)

The supporting association Umwelttechnologie-Cluster Bayern e.V. with over 200 members is the organization behind Umweltcluster Bayern. The UCB is an industry network of the Bavarian environmental industry. It is committed to the promotion of environmental technologies. It also networks companies and research institutions, provides them with further training and expands cooperation.

University of Rostock

The University of Rostock, a prestigious German higher education institution, looks back on a long history as it was founded in 1419, making it the oldest university in the Baltic Sea region. It plays a leading role in the coordination of Germany's international activities in the field of the circular economy.

WEEE Forum

The international association WEEE Forum a.i.s.b.l. represents fifty non-profit organizations worldwide that deal with the producer responsibility of electrical appliances. Together with their members on five continents, they play a leading role in tackling the global social challenge of disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment.


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