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Do you sell products on the European market that are subject to product stewardship legislation (e.g. for electrical appliances, batteries, packaging or textiles)? Find out what you need to know. To avoid penalties for your business model, you should know your obligations and implement them in a legally compliant manner.

Distributor according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act is any natural or legal person or partnership offering or making available on the market electrical or electronic equipment within the scope of this Act. This definition does not exclude the possibility that a distributor may also be a manufacturer (cf. manufacturer).
At the same time, any distributor who intentionally or negligently offers for sale new electrical or electronic equipment from non-registered or improperly registered manufacturers is also considered a producer.

Distributors are only covered by the WEEE take-back obligation if they have a sales area for electrical equipment of more than 400 m². For your brick-and-mortar retail location, you look at the sales area for the electrical appliances you offer. One refers to the floor space in which electrical or electronic equipment is offered.
By contrast, in the case of sales using distance communication methods in online retailing, all storage and shipping areas for electrical appliances per location in Germany are deemed to be sales areas. The shelf space is the decisive factor here.

Distributors of electrical or electronic equipment are obliged to check whether manufacturers have properly registered with the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (ear). If the manufacturer is not properly registered, distributors may not offer for sale electrical or electronic equipment from that manufacturer.

Support with services from ECOLOGICON

As a distributor, integrate our comprehensive knowledge of national legislation and we will support you in implementing your obligations, e.g. by taking over registrations, notifications as well as setting up take-back solutions for your products, taking into account your specific framework conditions.

We take the bureaucracy out of your hands so you can focus on what’s important: offering high-quality products and growing your business.

Food retailers (LEH)

Food retailers with a sales area of more than 800 square meters that offer and provide electrical and electronic equipment on the market several times in a calendar year or on a permanent basis are obliged to do so:

  • when supplying a new EEE to an end-user, to take back free of charge at the place of supply or in the immediate vicinity thereof an old EEE of the end-user of the same type that fulfills essentially the same functions as the new EEE (1:1),
  • to take back up to three old appliances of one type whose edge length is less than 25 centimeters, whereby the take-back may not be linked to the new purchase of an electrical or electronic appliance. This also applies to online trade; the place of delivery is then the private household (0:1).

ECOLOGICON facilitates compliance with your obligations under EU directives and national regulations (EPR – WEEE, batteries, packaging or textiles) through its comprehensive consulting services and expertise.

Our services for manufacturers/carriers in Europe are:

  • Consulting as well as commitment analysis
  • Registration with licensed take-back systems
  • Implementation of country-specific quantity reports
  • Take-back concepts

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