Global research and development cooperation –
ECOLOGICON is involved in research and development projects as well as development cooperation projects on a global scale.

ECOLOGICON actively participates in the development and expansion of a sustainable circular economy on a national and international level by collaborating with other companies, research and development centres as well as universities on innovative research projects. However, we are also using our know-how within the framework of development cooperation projects with international organisations such as the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Participating in research and development projects is an important part of our portfolio and activities. Every year, our highly qualified employees are actively engaged in national and international projects as well as in the development of new projects. They are involved in interdisciplinary research and consulting projects, across disciplines in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and economics.

This is often combined with our broad understanding of circular and waste management solutions, especially in relation to take-back systems, best practice solutions for the development of business and economic plans and concepts, as well as a close look at local requirements.

Our results and findings are based on a scientifically sound methodology. In our work we pursue an application-oriented approach which is marked by practical orientation and detailed recommendation for actions. Our high-quality results are incorporated into the actions of society, politics and the economy and, thus, reinforce the added value.

We are involved in different consortia, where we not only participate in projects, but from time to time we also take the leadership role for various projects. We are always interested in the development of new consortium projects and project ideas and are happy to be available for a result-oriented exchange.

If you have any questions on our recent projects or are interested in future cooperation, please contact Mr. André Rückert.


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International projects on research & development (R&D) and development cooperation (DC).

ECOLOGICON contributes its knowledge to R&D and development cooperation projects at an international level. Our team is involved worldwide in interdisciplinary R&D and development cooperation projects in areas such as: Environmental consulting, product management, waste management, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), batteries, textiles and packaging.

Our contributions strengthen the understanding of solutions for sustainable recycling and waste management, taking into account the local framework conditions, especially in connection with take-back systems, best-practice solutions and the development of business and profitability plans and concepts.

We develop practical recommendations for action based on scientific findings and methods, thereby contributing to the United Nations’ “17 Sustainable Development Goals”.

Circular economy for Tunisian industry

GIZ - Circular economy for Tunisian industry

Study trip: Organic waste management in India

Organization and realization of a study trip in Germany for the program: "Management of Organic Waste in India (MOWI)".

Waste management in Indian cities

Decentralized waste management in three selected cities in India

Management of textile waste in Surat (India)

Consulting for the development of technical solutions for the management of textile waste in Surat as a contribution to air pollution control

Circular Economy Resource Information System

Circular Economy Resource Information System (CE-RISE)

Recycling solution for printer cartridges in Ghana

Recycling Solution for Non-Reusable Printer Cartridges in Developing and Emerging Countries (ReSo-Cart-ED)

Feasibility study: Collection systems for battery storage in Nigeria

Feasibility study for an incentive system to establish a local take-back, repair and reuse center for battery storage in Nigeria