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Sustainable management in cycles with ECOLOGICON.
Stop Linear Economics. Circular Economy.

More and more companies are pursuing an environmental or sustainability policy and its strategies in order to pursue their set strategic goals through sustainable action. One of the most important core topics here is the optimization of waste management (circular economy). An important prerequisite for the recycling of substances, materials and products must already be ensured in product design and development. To enable a sustainable product life cycle, product waste whose substances, materials and components enable reusability or at least have high recyclability.

Times are changing: what used to be waste (waste management) now counts as recyclable materials (resource management).

We advise on:

Material flow management, process consulting and optimization, waste recycling, management of production waste (sites/branches), operational waste management, national and international take-back concepts, waste classification, waste shipments, waste balancing, appointment of waste officers, improvement of operational waste management


Optimizing material flows - efficient solutions with ECOLOGICON

Economic efficiency through material flow solutions from ECOLOGICON.

The Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) regulates the promotion of closed substance cycle waste management, ensures the environmentally compatible management of waste (waste management) and sets out requirements for industrial and commercial companies to handle waste.
The efficient use of resources includes the management of material flows as an important tool in companies. The term material flow management refers to the holistic consideration and efficient optimization of material or energy flows that occur during the manufacture of products and services. The targets come from the ecological and economic fields. In addition to the direct impact on the environment, social aspects, for example, can also be included in the assessment.

What kind of waste do you generate?

In our holistic material flow analysis, we record all material flows, quantities and identify opportunities for optimization. Among other things, we look at your options for reducing waste, closing internal loops and bundling material flows. We always keep ecological and economic aspects in mind and consider other influences and effects as required.

Rethinking with ECOLOGICON: Towards a circular economy

As all players will fail to meet the climate policy targets set to reduce global warming and emissions of greenhouse gases under the current economic conditions, the tightening of legislation will increase.
It is essential to rethink business activities, procedures and processes in order to save energy and circulate resources in cycles.

Video about circular economy (by Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
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ECOLOGICON supports you as a competent partner to develop your material flow management in order to enable an intelligent, resource-saving handling of energy and material flows.

The aim is always to reduce the use of materials, optimize energy potential and use waste as a secondary raw material (recycling options).
At the same time, material flow management should be adapted to your operating processes and simplify them as much as possible.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Circular management strategies
  • In-depth analysis of the material flow
  • Process development, consulting and optimization
  • Targeted optimization of material and energy flows
  • Reduction of material throughput
  • Substitution potential, use of waste as secondary raw materials
  • Reuse options
  • Disposal solutions through qualified waste management companies

As your integrated environmental department, we would be happy to advise you on material flows, closing material cycles, and help your company gain measurable competitive advantages. Contact us.

Trade and broker - ECOLOGICON disposal solution

Collecting, transporting, trading or brokering of non-hazardous or hazardous wastes

According to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (notification according to § 53 KrWG and permit according to § 54 KrWG), collectors, transporters, traders and brokers of non-hazardous waste have to notify the competent authority of the activity of their business before commencing operations or, in the case of hazardous waste, apply for a permit.

Exempt from the obligation to notify or obtain approval are public waste management authorities, but not third parties commissioned by them. The notifications or permit applications required by the Notification and Permit Ordinance (AbfAEV) must be submitted either to the competent authority in the original or electronically via the Internet portal eAEV – Electronic Notification and Permit Procedure.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Assumption of all administrative tasks (duties trader / broker of waste)
  • Fulfillment of notification or registration obligations with the authorities
  • Support and application for hazardous waste permit
  • Timely reporting of waste balances or of recovery quantities, including their recovery rates
  • Take-back and recycling solutions by qualified waste management companies
  • Support for international obligations in the transport/handling of waste from regulations in other European countries
  • Representation of interests in professional associations throughout Europe at the legislative level

Benefit from our nationwide network and our expertise on permits.

Are you looking for a customized solution to easily achieve your goals? Contact us now, our competent team will be happy to advise you.

Recycling concept - solutions with ECOLOGICON

Waste is generated in every production and recycling process. Are you looking for a disposal route for specific groups of substances or do you want to optimize the existing route? We help you find a holistic solution. From waste collection and handling to sensitive dealings with regulatory authorities – we support you in all aspects of waste management.

The term waste is defined as follows:

“Waste within the meaning of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) §3 (1) is any substance or object which its owner discards, intends to discard or is required to discard. Waste for recovery is waste that is recovered; waste that is not recovered is waste for disposal.”

As an additional service or as part of its comprehensive consulting solutions, ECOLOGICON can draw up waste balances for your company, develop methods for waste prevention and waste management concepts, optimize your container systems (containers for hazardous waste), organize container services, identify recycling and disposal routes and establish new distribution channels for secondary raw materials.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Waste management plans and waste reports
  • Preparation and updating of waste balances
  • Development of methods for waste prevention
  • Container system optimization
  • Concepts for recovery or disposal routes
  • Organization of operational waste management

If you would like to master your challenge together with us, we can accompany you as a competent partner during the implementation. We show you the way step by step, support you in the introduction of necessary measures and keep an eye on all applicable laws as well as regulations.

Waste classification - waste management solutions

Legally compliant classification of waste with ECOLOGICON.

For transboundary waste shipments, waste is assigned to different categories and numbers in an existing list system for waste classification. For example, the European Waste Catalogue distinguishes between green-listed and yellow-listed waste according to the European Waste Shipment Regulation. In each case, the classification of waste should be carried out independently of the intended disposal route; this applies both nationally and internationally.

Classification according to European Waste List

The European Waste List distinguishes between hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In this context, it is primarily responsible for the waste designations in the European Union. In Germany, it was transposed into national law with the Waste Catalogue Ordinance, or AVV for short. Waste classification is the assignment of a waste to a waste type with a waste code number.
The aim of the waste classification is the Europe-wide uniform waste designation. In addition, this classification determines whether a waste is hazardous or non-hazardous.
This results in registration and verification obligations for all parties involved in disposal. The classification is of importance in transboundary waste shipments and an assignment to the green and yellow waste lists is made.

Transboundary movements of waste (Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 EC-VVA)

In accordance with the classification of waste in the Annexes to the EC WSR, a transboundary shipment of waste under the EC WSR requires either a prior written notification procedure or the fulfillment of general information obligations.

A prior written notification procedure for shipments of waste is required when waste is shipped for disposal as well as hazardous waste for recovery. However, there are still some details and subtleties to consider.

In the case of shipments of waste subject to the general information requirements, Annex VII must accompany the shipment (Art. 18). In addition, a recovery contract must be concluded between the initiating person and the consignee and submitted to the authorities (with validity prior to the start of shipment).

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Classification according to European Waste List and AVV (Waste Code Number)
  • Classification of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Transport for transboundary movements of waste and ANNEX 7
    • Export of green listed waste from the EU
    • Transportation of yellow listed waste
  • Advice on transboundary waste shipment
  • Support on notification procedures

We will be happy to help you make the appropriate waste classification according to the Waste List Ordinance and, in the case of transboundary shipments, to apply the correct code from the lists of the Waste Shipment Ordinance.

Waste properties - solutions with ECOLOGICON

Product or waste property

To cease to be waste, Article 6 of the Waste Framework Directive requires waste to have undergone a recovery operation and also to meet general and specific criteria. Generally must:

  • the substance or object is used for specific purposes
  • a market or demand for it exists
  • the substance or object meets certain technical requirements for certain purposes, and
  • the use of the substance or object must not lead to harmful environmental or health effects overall

These general guidelines have been specified by the EU in relation to specific waste streams. For the first time, a European Regulation with rules on the “end-of-waste status for iron and steel scrap and aluminum scrap” (Council Regulation (EU) Number 333/2011) was issued. Additional regulations have also been adopted for certain types of cullet (Regulation (EU) Number 1179/2012) and for copper scrap (Regulation (EU) Number 715/2013).

Council Regulation (EU) Number 333/2011 (PDF external, 756 KB)

Regulation (EU) Number 1179/2012 (PDF external, 732 KB)

Regulation (EU) Number 715/2013 (PDF external, 742 KB)


Wastes that are intended to reach, or have reached, the end of waste status are not to be confused with “by-products” under the European Waste Framework Directive. By-products can only be substances or articles that are generated in a manufacturing process whose main objective is not the production of these substances or articles and that meet the conditions set out in Article 5 of the Waste Framework Directive. By-products have not reached waste status at any time.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Waste and product properties
  • Classification according to European Waste List and AVV (Waste Code Number)
  • Transport and transboundary movement
  • Support for international obligations in dealing with waste from regulations in other European countries
  • Representation of interests in professional associations throughout Europe at the legislative level

We will be happy to help you make the appropriate classification of the product property or waste properties and, in the case of transboundary shipment, to apply the correct code from the lists of the Waste Shipment Regulation.

Take-back systems - concepts with ECOLOGICON

Collection and reverse logistics concepts for waste

Through our broad network, we can find profitable ways to transport your waste – whether you have recurring or spot quantities you need to move. Use vans on their return trip that would otherwise have an empty trip.

We are also happy to assist you in an international context, as each EU member state has its own laws and obligations to observe. Take advantage of our innovative take-back systems and sustainable recycling solutions for your individual disposal and logistics requirements.
Our expertise and a network of international take-back systems ensure that the service is implemented in compliance with the law. The collection and recycling is carried out professionally in compliance with the legal requirements. Many companies from different industries trust us as their take-back partner

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Preparation of IST analyses (take-back systems)
  • Registration, reporting and support of international take-back systems
  • Assumption of all administrative tasks (fulfillment of duties)
  • Develop individual disposal concepts (collection concepts)
  • Recovery solutions (recycling, recovery and reuse)
  • Disposal options for waste electrical equipment, batteries and packaging waste
  • Cost monitoring and optimization for collection and reverse logistics concepts
  • Contract management for take-back systems

We are happy to support you in setting up efficient collection and take-back systems and implementing international disposal solutions for your products and commercial waste.

Site and branch disposal - disposal routes with ECOLOGICON

As a tradesman, you are particularly challenged when it comes to waste disposal. Not only do you have industry-specific waste, but you certainly have household-type commercial waste. So not only do you have to take care of the disposal, but you also have to document everything properly.

Do you have several branch locations? Your branches are spread all over Germany and Europe?
ECOLOGICON consolidates the disposal of your individual branch locations and we take care of the complete waste disposal in your branches, nationwide or internationally. We have been working for well-known companies from a wide range of industries for many years.
As an independent company, we coordinate our logistics and disposal partners at your sites. This reduces dependence on individual disposal partners.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Preparation of IST analyses (locations and store disposal)
  • Cost optimization for commercial waste
  • Guidance and training on the handling of commercial waste
  • Commercial waste: Logistics and disposal
  • Individual disposal solutions (collection concepts)
  • Recovery solutions (recycling, recovery and reuse)
  • Disposal of waste electrical equipment, batteries and packaging waste for your industry

A network of specialized waste management companies ensures that ECOLOGICON can pick up any type of commercial waste at the points of generation. Disposal is carried out professionally in compliance with the legal requirements (Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act). Many companies from different industries, including IT, retail, and logistics, trust us as their disposal partner.

We are happy to support you in setting up efficient collection concepts and implementing professional disposal solutions for your commercial waste.

Process development - optimized by ECOLOGICON

The disposal of waste confronts companies, municipalities and industry with a large number of laws and many further requirements and resolutions at the state level. In this context, the EU Waste Framework Directive defines the legal framework in the European Community, which is transferred to Germany by the nationally applicable Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act. Additional laws (such as the Packaging Act, ElektroG, etc.) and various ordinances make it difficult to maintain an overview. In addition, there are also state and municipal regulations that must be observed.

Our waste and process consulting services from ECOLOGICON help you to reconcile environmental protection and economic efficiency in a legally compliant manner. Our concepts are fundamentally based on the requirements of the Recycling Management Act (KrWG for short). This prescribes a 5-level hierarchy as the method of action:

  • Waste prevention
  • Preparation for recycling
  • Recycling
  • recycling
  • Elimination

The primary goal of process analysis is to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, thereby saving costs and protecting the environment. Individually adapted to your specific situation, ECOLOGICON helps to reduce energy, material and disposal costs.

We support you in saving resources. When developing strategies, we consider waste avoidance, the reducing use of materials, the separate collection of waste, and the sorting of recovered fractions and secondary raw materials into the recycling and recovery process. As an external organization, ECOLOGICON analyzes your (reprocessing) processes and the relevant waste. Review, classify & analyze the individual steps, material fractions and help you improve your process.

Our consulting services and solutions:

  • Circular management strategies
  • Preparation of IST analyses
  • In-depth analysis of the material flow and processes
  • Process development, consulting and optimization
  • Targeted optimization of material and energy flows
  • Reduction of material throughput
  • Substitution potential, use of waste as secondary raw materials
  • Reusability (repair and recyclability )
  • Disposal solutions by qualified disposal company

Do you have questions about waste disposal processes, waste handling or the creation of waste-related documents? We are happy to support you in optimizing processes and developing professional disposal procedures for your commercial recyclables and waste.


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