Sustainable strategies, legally compliant products and services, and economically viable solutions with ECOLOGICON

It is an unpredictable world with climate change and market globalisation issues. Continued success requires a foundation with new stable pillars of your operations based on responsible practices that preserve our environment for future generations.

Today, sustainability in our actions is urgently required in addition to compliance with internationally applicable laws and regulations in the areas of environment, product and waste. Waste has become a valuable raw material for companies and markets, and its prevention and recycling a strategic business requirement.

ECOLOGICON considers itself as your integrated environmental department for all compliance and sustainability issues related to your processes and products.
We are providing support on an international level for the implementation and the fulfillment of your producer and manufacturer responsibilities (from product compliance to waste management).

Our special expertise focues on the areas of electrical equipment (EEE) and waste electrical equipment (WEEE), batteries and accumulators, textiles and packaging (producer responsibility).