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Do you deal with the collection and (initial) treatment of waste (e.g. WEEE)? Find out what you need to know. Let's work together!

Public waste management authorities are obliged to set up collection points where old appliances from private households can be returned free of charge.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from private households, which is delivered by traders or distributors, is to be handed in at the local authority where the trader or distributor has his place of business.

The waste equipment must be made available for collection free of charge in suitable containers provided by the manufacturers or their authorized representatives in accordance with §15 ElektroG. The local authorities notify stiftung ear of the containers available for collection.

In addition, public utilities have information obligations towards private households. This includes, among other things, the publication of available collection points.

The definition of primary treatment has implications for the operation of recycling centers and recycling yards that perform certain activities. Public waste management authorities that are not certified as primary treatment facilities are not allowed to carry out any measures in the handling of WEEE that are defined as “(primary) treatment”. It should be noted that on-site activities still fall into the collection or staging phases and not the treatment phase.

The execution of the initial treatment obligates örE to a corresponding certification according to the Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies (Entsorgungsfachbetriebeverordnung).

We would be happy to support you in the right selection, establishment and maintenance of your certification as a primary treatment facility or certified waste management facility (EfbV).

In addition, waste management consists to a not insignificant extent of collection and transport services of generated waste. Experience shows that there is a high potential for optimization and cost reduction.

We are happy to advise public waste management authorities and municipal waste management companies on economic aspects, process optimization and all issues relating to waste and plant licensing law.

ECOLOGICON facilitates compliance with your obligations within the framework of EU directives and national regulations (e.g. the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act and the Ordinance on Specialized Waste Management Companies as well as enforcement instructions) through its comprehensive consulting services and expert opinions.

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