ECOLOGICON website relaunch

Significantly more technical input, intuitive handling and advanced design:

Since January 1, 2023, the ECOLOGICON website is completely new and revised.

After the relaunch, all target groups, who are interested in getting information on our company, our main business activites and expertise can now find the desired content quick and easy. The new website provides answers to the most important questions: What are my responsibilities as a manufacturer, importer or distributor in accordance with extended producer responsibility or product responsibility? What services can ECOLOGICON offer to interested parties from industry, trade and commerce what benefits do internal clients receive from working for the company?

The section “About us” provides answers to these questions and tells you the ECOLOGICON story. The handling of the website has been significantly simplified. Current services, target groups as well as cooperation partners and of course ongoing research and funding projects are presented in a comprehensible way can now be quickly found.

Last but not least, ECOLOGICON now also provides information about its business key areas (electrical appliances, batteries, packaging and textiles) and services:

  • Environmental management and sustainability management
  • Product management and compliance
  • Waste management, circular economy issues and recycling technologies.

ECOLOGICON considers itself as your company’s internal environmental department focusing on all compliance and sustainability issues related to your processes and products in order to improve the circular economy. Irrespective of geographic regions, we provide holistic advice on your value chain from product compliance to waste management to help you meet your environmental responsibilities.

In addition, another core competence is the conception and implementation of R&D projects as well as development cooperation projects. We are a think tank of your choice: ECOLOGICON focuses on innovative solutions around “Circular Economy” topics with a sustainable approach.


Goldleite 9
97234 Reichenberg – Germany
phone +49 931 4523070

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A notification applies to one waste (stream) and a maximum quantity to be determined and must be submitted to the competent authority prior to the shipment.
A producer or holder of waste is allowed to commission a third party to fulfil its recovery and disposal obligations. It is important that the commissioned third party has the necessary reliability.
A simplified form of transboundary movement of waste applies to ‘green-listed’ waste, which can be shipped across borders without any further time-consuming permits.
Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 on shipments of waste contains, in particular, rules for transboundary shipments of waste.
EPR compliance is standard, but there is often a lack of understanding and personnel to implement and handle it.
Since the beginning of 2023, operators of online marketplaces had to check whether the manufacturer is not or not properly registered with Stiftung ear.